5 Ways to Brighten Your Home and Beat the Winter Blues

Brighten your home (and your mood!) with these tricks for beating the wintertime blues.

After weeks and months of colder weather and reduced sunlight hours, it’s not unusual to get a case of the winter blues.  In fact, some of us get downright depressed!  But fear not; though springtime is still a while off, we’ve got some easy ways to brighten your home and lift your spirits at the same time.  So, hang in there, and meanwhile give these ideas a try:

  • Bring on the blossoms.  Treat yourself to some fresh cut flowers or a flowering plant.  Flowers remind us of freshness, beauty, nature, springtime, and new life.  Not only do they make us happy, but they can infuse some much needed color into a dreary space.  Choose your favorite flower varieties for looks, for fragrance, or, while your’re at it, try choosing blooms in complimentary colors to your decor, which adds another dimension to the design of your space, or you can even add some new wood furniture to change the spaces, or better yet a Modrest Nicola Modern Grey Oak & Stainless Steel Bed,  whether you call them TV beds, footboard TV lifts, or TV lift beds, here you can find great ideas: beds with a TV lift in the footboard, for the people that like to get hands on building things it could be a great opportunity to create something new using bug zapper reviews to find the best tools to make the greatest pieces for your house.
  • Throw something new into the mix.  Throw pillows and throw blankets are a great way to brighten a space or change the mood of a design. Pick fabrics with bright, vibrant prints and colours and layer them over your existing decor, whether it’s related to your pillow covers or even the floor rug. And take the assistance of Gayfield Design to help get stunningly designed curtains for your rooms.  The landscape outside might be dreay and dull, but the inside of your home will be anything but!
  • Let the light in.  When the sun is shining (yes, it still does that!) open the shades and let the light in.  Kick it up a notch by washing your windows so that the winter grime doesn’t block those fantastic rays.
  • Home is where the heart is.  One of the best ways to lighten your mood and lift your spirits is to warm yourself from the inside out.  And nothing warms the heart better than being around friends and family–or pictures of them!  Go through the images on your digital camera or phone and finally print some of them out.  Scatter them around your home so you can catch a glimpse of them throughout your day. HINT:  This is the only idea on the list that we don’t recommend for home sellers.  Family photos in a home that is on the market (especially a lot of them) can make buyers feel uncomfortable and less able to picture themselves in your home.  But don’t worry–pictures of your favorite scenery, animals, or places around the world can work just as well.  Rather than a family photo from your last beach vacations, try a postcard from that trip of a beach chair and flip flops.  You’e be transported back to that trip each time you pass the picture, while buyers will start imagining their own happy memories in your home.
  • Follow your nose.  Sometimes the biggest changes in mood can be made with pleasant scents!  With nothing else around us changing at all, we can lift our mood with familiar or pleasant aromas in our home.  How about trying some candles or oil diffusers (I prefer electric tart warmers) filled with familiar smells of spring like fresh laundry, berries or their fruits, florals, or better yet, close your eyes and wish for summer with scents of the beach.

Whatever your choose to do for the rest of this winter, know that your home can be your haven.  So grab a hot cocoa and a throw blanket and enjoy.

–Courtesy of US Inspect

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