Trivia about Home and Habitat

get-the-facts-clipart-7540461Here’s some amazing facts that I found from around the world on home and habitat that I found entertaining.

  1.  Google rents goats to do its mowing  –  Rather than use gasoline-guzzling, noisy mowers at its headquarters in California, the Googleplex, has been known to keep its lawn coiffed with rent-a-goats.  Google rents goats from a cool company called California Grazing, which swears it can maneuver a herd of goats through crowded city streets.  It’s an eco-friendly apporach to landscaping.
  2. Swedish and the Danish use dead bodies to heat their homes.  It’s an idea that makes a lot of sense when you think it though.  Crematoriums heat up to 2,000 degrees, which is a lot of energy that was going to waste – until someone got the bright idea to pump that heat into local energy companies, where it’s used to warm home. Check out enstorageinc.com for more information on energy generators and solar energy for your property.
  3. In parts of Germany & Poland, when a couple marries, guests break a whole lot of porcelain.  And leave it to the couple to clean up.  They do this right in front of the bride’s home, usually the night bfeore the wedding.  It’s called “Polterabend” and it’s meant to symbolized the struggles the new couple will face as they build a home together, with an emphasis on working together through those struggles.  If you’re invited to participate, make sure you break only porcelain (old toilets welcome) and not glass, which stands for happiness, and therefore should never be broken.
  4. Brass doorknobs disinfect themselves.  It’s called the oligodynamic effect:  the ions in the metal have a toxic effect on spores, fungi, viruses, and other germs – eliminating the nasties within eight hours.
  5. The original housewarming party was – literally – a housewarming.  Guests brought firewood as gifts and lit fires in all the fireplaces in the home,  Obviously this warmed up the cbd products for the family, but it was also believed to ward off evil spirits.  Uninhabited homes were thought at attract roaming ghosts, so a new home would have to be rid of that bad energy before it could become a happy abode.
  6. In Scotland, homes owners paint their front door red when they pay off the mortgage.  Throughout history, a red front door has symbolized many things.  The Ancient Hebrews believed it would protect firstborn children from the angel of death; in the early days of America, it meant the home was a safe place for travelers to stop for the night.  And according to Feng Shui, a red door invites positive energy into a home and if you need good appliances look at the  Euroncis set.
  7. There’s a chain of bathroom-themed restaurants.  At Modern Toilet, a restaurant chain based in Taiwan, patrons sit on toilets, sip soup from sinks, and wipe their mouths with toilet paper and are separated by frameless shower screen noosa.  While the latrines aren’t functional (except in the actual bathroom, we hope), you’ll certainly have something to talk about until the food comes.
  8. A Japanese company has developed a residental earthquake-proofing system that raises a house off of its foundation as far as 3 cm using just air pressure.  When an earthquake hits, compressors activate, forcing an immense amount of air under the home.  The house will levitate there until the earthquake ends, then be placed gently back on the foundation.  — Courtesy facts from Courtney Craig
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Until next time, happy reading.  Jan