February Get Organized Checklist

Vector_Child_0000012It’s month two of the new year and it’s time to focus on the 3 C’s.  Change, clean, and check.

  1.  Change the shower curtain or liner depending on which type of shower curtain you use.  Shower curtains often begin growing mold and mildew so changing them out each year keeps them fresh.
  2.  Change the position of your mattress.  Flip your mattress over to provide even wear.  (This should be done twice a year). Or check out these mattress reviews and consider buying a new one.
  3.  Change all potted plants that have overgrown their existing pots and those that have become root bound.  This ensures that your plants will grow healthier.
  4.  Change your filters including heater, air conditioner, and water as described at https://hvacdirect.com/mitsubishi-products.html.
  5.  Clean all light fixtures and light bulbs.  This will create more light and your light bulbs will last longer. It’s amazing what a little dusting can do. 
  6.  Clean all bed linens, including comforters, duvets, bed skirts, pillows, etc., and clean all table linens you use on a regular basis.  Launder what you can, then dry clean the rest.
  7.  Clean underneath your appliances in the kitchen and laundry room.  If possible, recruit help to pull your appliances away from the wall so that you can clean behind them as well.  My folks made this a Sunday afternoon  project when we were all at home and ready for a nap after a good Sunday noon meal. 
  8.  Clean ceiling fans and vents. If you have mobility issues this can be a difficult task. Book with Maid2Match Cairns and have them come by to clean the exhaust fans in your bathrooms and laundry rooms, hallway air vents and any ceiling fans you  may have in your home.
  9.  Check your fire extinguishers.  Check the expiration dates on your extinguisher and replace them if needed.  Homeowners should turn their extinguisher over a couple of times a year (shake it) every 4-6 months.  It will help   keep the chemical base from compacting.
  10.  Check flashlight batteries.  Be prepared for power outages, (yes, Spring storms will start soon), by checking and replacing the batteries and light bulbs in your flashlight.  This is also a good time to be sure each room has a          designated flashlight for emergencies.  Nothing so aggrivating as to grab the flashlight and found where the kids have ran it down from the last of summertime’s activities.
  11.  Check your insurance coverage.  Have you created a household inventory sheet and taken pictures or updated your life insurance policies?  Be sure to store your documents and pictures in a fire safe box or bank deposit            box.
  12.  Check your garden tools.  Oops,  just found your favorite hand tool left out from the fall and it’s all covered with the winter melt?  Do you have any that are in need of being repaired, sharpened or replaced? Have ac repair service in the Santa Rosa area come out and take a look for you. Have your                garden tools sharpened.   Check all of your tools handles to make sure that they are firmly attached.   Stay tuned for more helpful and household tips  —  Jan    (information courtesy of Family Economics)